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Frank's RAWganics Ticked Off!

Frank's RAWganics Ticked Off!

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With all natural ingredients, this remedy gets mixed right into your pet’s daily meal.  Ticked Off gets absorbed into the bloodstream as your pet digests their meal. It immediately goes to work making your pet’s blood taste undesirable to any fleas, ticks or other biting insects/pests. After using for a few weeks, these repelling ingredients are mixed and secreted with the oils of the skin, creating an additional barrier for your dog or cat’s protection. With Frank's RAWganics Ticked Off! blend of Brewer’s Yeast, Garlic, Pork Liver, Carrot, Spinach, Rosemary, Chamomile, Sage Leaf, and immune boosting vitamins, your pet can finally say goodbye to the constant biting from our least favorite critters…

A fine powder, this remedy should be mixed into their meal with a bit of water. It creates a gravy-like consistency, with a great smell, that’s sure to spark the interests of even the pickiest of eaters. Each package’s label has dosage instructions and the amount shown is the total daily amount, which should be split between each meal given in a day.

1 pound reusable container, contains measuring spoon.

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