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Boarding Services

At Personal Paws, we aim to give you the peace of mind you need while you’re away. Here, your pup is in the best hands. We treat each dog in our care as if they were our own, and that is what we kept in mind when designing our condos & packages.

Our facility offers many amenities such as multiple socialization areas, all levels of distraction for proofing your pups skills, a stream & pond to adventure through, 4 acres of trails to hike & much more!

Drop off and pickup:

Monday - Friday: 7am - 9am or 4pm - 6pm

Weekends: Strictly 8am or 4pm

1 walk/day
Bedtime Biscuit
Kennel Size: 4x4x4
$20/day for additional dog in a shared kennel
2 walks/day
Bedtime Biscuit
Kennel Size: 4x4x6
$20/day for additional dog in a shared kennel
1 hour of socialization
2 walks/day
Bedtime Biscuit
Kennel Size: 8x4x6
Can share a kennel, but there is no discount
1 hour + of socialization
Work on Basic Fundamentals w/ our trainers
Frozen kong per day

Board & Train

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Our Boarding School Options Include:

Puppy Foundations

Stay & Train

Rehab Retreat

Each program includes a Virtual Progress Pupdate to set you up for success once your pup leaves our care.

We curated each of these different Boarding School Programs to fit the needs of each individual dog. Our goal with every dog is to create well-rounded individuals. We want to give both you & your pup the education + skills to grow & flourish together. All boarding options require 48 hours cancellation notice or a fee will be incurred.

Drop off and pickup:

For Board & Trains date/times are scheduled according to your trainer & availability.

Pick up dates/times will be determined by your pup's progress in the program & on your availability for the Go-Home/Education transfer session.

*All Board and Trains require a consultation call which is $30

Puppy Foundations

This 4 - 6 week minimum Board & Train is: $3200 total for the full stay.

This course is the basic foundation for your pup, including, but not limited to basic obedience, proper socialization & potty training, crate/kennel training, stopping mouthing & chewing behaviors for puppies aged 5mos-10mos old with no behaviors.

Stay & Train

This 5 - 7 week Board & Train is: $3400 total for the full stay.

This course is for dogs 10 months & up with no behaviors, looking to proof the basic foundational skills and become a well rounded individual.

Rehab Retreat

This 8 - 10 week Board & Train is $3800 total for the full stay

This course is for any dog that is showing behavioral issues. Including, but not limited to:

leash reactivity, fear, anxiety, human or dog aggression, resource guarding, excessive barking, and basic manners.

Our goal with this Boarding School option is to create better habits, guidelines & structure for you pup. The more time we have to work on these things, the better habits they will form.

You will be sent home with all education you will need moving forward to set you and your pup up for success,

One on One Training

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Our one on one training takes place at our facility in Rotterdam, NY. All training requires a consultation call to begin, which is $30

We offer four different levels of training, starting at $75 per session.

Basic Obedience - starting at $75 for one hour

Intermediate Obedience - starting at $80 for one hour

Advanced Training - starting at $95 for one hour

Behavioral Modification - starting at $125

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*** Minimum of 4 training sessions required to start

Daytime Services

Village Walks

A consultation call is required to get into this service, which is $30.

$42 per walk (Poop bags, toys and treats included!)

Our Structure Pack Walking Program is back! We couldn't be more thrilled! Structured Pack Walks are a one hour walk with one of our canine handlers working on reality based dog training in the Village of Scotia. This is a pick up and drop off service. Your assigned handler will come right to you and your pup! How convenient is that? In this program your pup(s) work on basic and intermediate obedience. This service does not work on any behavioral issues. Education is not transferred in this service, please inquire for one - on - one training.

Please fill out the form on our contact page to inquire about availability and times!

Walks 9am - 1pm offered to the Village of Scotia only.

Walks 2pm - 6pm offered to Solar/Net Zero Village Apartments only.

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